blurred vision in the eyes

‘Ein Blick Jagt Meer als Thousand Vorte’ is a German saying that means a wink speaks more than a thousand words. But when this eye can no longer see everything in the world clearly, then there is no end to suffering in our lives.

Nowadays, more or less all of us are suffering from eye sight problems an important eye problem is blurred vision. This problem is more common in the elderly though. In this time young people are also affected this disease.

Avoid blurred vision in the eyes

In this regard, Director of Ophthalmology at the University of Munster, Nicole, thinks that this is due to the fact. That people have reduced the habit of looking into the distance when they go to the street, go to the field. Many are suffering from this disease even after eating nutritious food. Because they don’t have the habit of looking at green and blue. Lack of eye exercise also increases the incidence of this disease. Moreover, this problem is also faced by the tendency of studying more, look continuously at office work, look at the computer or mobile screen continuously.

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Experts say that there may be a big reason behind blurred vision. For example, if there is diabetes in the body or cataracts in the eyes, people start seeing blurry. In addition, glaucoma can also cause blurred vision. Glaucoma is a condition where fluid does not flow out of the eye. In this problem there is pressure on the eye which damages the eye nerve and blood cells. And this can be a problem for anyone.

Researchers at New Zealand’s Christchurch Hospital believe that there are some ways to improve this blurred vision or weak vision if there is no serious disease. They said, apart from take medicine or read glasses, if you do yoga, pranayama and certain eye exercises regularly this problem can be reduce a lot. Besides, the rules you will follow are-

1. Keep your eyes away from the harmful radiation of mobile, computer, TV.

2. Eat vitamin A rich foods such as sweet papaya, jackfruit, pumpkin, black leafy greens, helancha greens, pui greens, gourd greens, coriander leaves, jute greens, carrots, sweet potatoes, eggs, liver, small fish etc.

3. Always keep your eyes clean.

4. Omega 3 fatty acids, beta carotene and lutein are especially beneficial for improving eyesight.

5. In addition to egg whites, green leafy vegetables are also rich in lutein. Keep these foods in the diet list.

6. Avoid eye-damaging foods such as sugar, processed flour, transfats and smoking.

7. Aerobic exercise is very effective for the eyes. Moreover, playing tennis and swimming can increase the brightness of the eyes a lot.

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