Emergency SOS facility is being added to all phones of the new series of iPhone (iPhone-14). Use this new facility, emergency signals can sent using satellite or artificial satellite connections without mobile and Wi-Fi networks.

Apple announced this feature in the new iPhone when it launch in September this year.

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According to Apple, the iPhone 14 device has designed with technology so that users can connect to satellites even if they are not near the tower. The service will launched in the United States and Canada by November, the company said.

Apple has given a limited number of users the opportunity to test the Emergency SOS facility even though this facility has not activated for a long time. However, as it is experimental, the user has only got the opportunity to send signals from the iPhone to the satellite. That is, the message sent by them did not reach the recipient through the satellite.

Louisiana-based Global star’s satellites used to launch the emergency SOS facility. As a result, if users turn on the SOS feature on the iPhone during an emergency, they will send signals via satellite to the US 911 number. As a result, local rescue teams will be able to rescue iPhone users.

Source: Mashable


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