How To Good Quality PC

Many of us nowadays need PCs for various tasks. And because PC prices are so readily available, many people lean towards it. However, those who want to buy a new PC must know a number of things before buying a PC and then buy a PC. Otherwise, the next time you have to face a lot of trouble.


When you go to buy a PC, you must have a casing with your PC. If you want to reduce the budget, some shopkeepers may give you a normal casing. However, you can take much better quality casing if you want. Casing is the outer covering of the CPU or CPU box.

Hard Drive

Hard drive is an important storage device of PC. This is where all the data on the PC is usually stored. So if the budget is high then you must take a hard drive with good capacity. There are two types of hard drives. 1. HDD, 2.SSD. Think about which of these two you will use first. Both hard drives are good but now many people use SSD hard drive.


How your PC will perform usually depends on the processor. In the current market you will find many types of processors. Processors usually cost from Rs 2,000 to Rs 1 lakh. If you want you can buy AMD, Cyrix or Intel processors of these brands according to your budget.

Graphics card

Graphics cards are usually needed for those who play games or do heavy video / photo editing. And if you do normal work on PC then graphics card is not needed. So if you do not need a graphics card with the purchase of a PC, then you can use the built-in graphics card.


Usually all the components that come with the computer’s CPU are mounted on the motherboard. So before buying a motherboard, the most important thing is to give chipset and brand.


This is the main memory device of the PC. It stays in the RAM until the data is permanently on the hard disk. If you are working overtime then you need to use large RAM. So before buying a PC, you must buy the RAM in combination with the motherboard.

Other parts

Besides, there are many more parts of PC that you have to check the parts from there. That means we have to see if everything is active. Then you can buy something good from a market and use it in a good way.

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