Today I am going to tell you how to check Saudi Airlines ticket with only booking reference (PNR) number or e-ticket number. If you don’t know how to check Saudi Airlines tickets online then you can know more about it.

This post discusses how you can check the advance Saudi Arabian Airlines ticket that you hold or hold. This website is not an official website to check Saudi tickets. This post on this website for details on how you can check Saudi Arabian Airlines tickets with your reference number or e-ticket number. Here it will be shown that you can check your ticket by visiting a website or by visiting a link. Can read more. Saudi Airlines Ticket Check

To check it visit website. After that click on Manage Booking option from below option and select any one of e-ticket no or Reference number. Finally, e-ticket no or reference number and last name of the person should be mentioned to check the ticket. Then click → Arrow button to get ticket information.

You can do the entire process through mobile or computer so you must activate your internet connection. And of course keep your advance ticket with you.

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Time needed: 2 minutes.

You can check Saudi Airlines tickets through the three steps shown below

1. Visit the Saudia website

First of all, to check Saudi Airlines flight tickets, visit website. You can search directly by typing Saudia in Google or click on the link above to visit directly.

2. Go to Manage Booking option

After visiting the website you will usually be place in the Book A TRIP option. Hrithik will see the circular spot like the image below on the right side. This is the Manage Booking option. If you visit with computer, you will see Manage Booking text and if you visit with mobile, you will see only one icon. You have to click on it.

3. Select either E-ticket no or Reference

After coming to Manage Booking, select the ticket number you want to check the ticket with. You can verify with number or e-ticket number if you want. Select the one you want to check with.

4. Enter ticket information, If you have selected Reference in Manage Booking option, then mention the reference number. And if you select e-ticket then mention the e-ticket number. Then mention the last name of the person in the passport ie if a person’s name is AKASH AHMED then AHMED will be his last name.

5. Search Once the above information is filled you will see a → Arrow button. If all the information is correct click on that button. If your ticket is correct or valid then passport holder’s personal information and flight date and time will be available on the next page.

If you are visiting from mobile and want to verify with reference number, then click → Arrow instead of View my booking text.

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