How To Remove Ads From Xiaomi Device

What is the biggest problem of Xiaomi phone? What would your answer be if you were asked this question? Each person’s answer will be different.

One of the major problems is its advertising. Dimensions Extra Ad !!!!!

It’s so disturbing that any app you don’t want is on your phone but Xiaomi is forcing you to install it. I mean, it looks like you rented the phone from Xiaomi.

Anyway let’s get to the main point.

How to turn off Xiaomi phone ads

First go to settings, scroll down a bit to get additional settings. Region will get an option if you go to additional settings. There by default your country name will be given, from there select United Kingdom or UK.

Ads will be limited to your phone. Back home, you will actually see that your phone does not have a theme store! So now you do not change the theme? Definitely do! In the previous rule, by default, you will select your country by region. Then you will get the theme store again.

[Note: Reboot your device by changing the region if the ads do not stop coming after the change of region or the amount of advertisements does not decrease]

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