Email is very popular all over the world for exchanging information and documents. Most people are using it for personal or official purposes. For this, different people are taking the services of different mail companies. Some use Gmail, some use Outlook, some use Yahoo or Apple Mail.

However, there are several problems with the use of each email. Because various promotional mails are sent through by email. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

You need to know beforehand what is meant by this promotional mail? Different companies send e-mails to certain people with details of specific products or services to sell their products or services. So that those people are encouraged to buy that product by looking at this specific mail.

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Promotional mails sent by various organizations include email tracking pixel attachments. They are basically surveillance work. It stores information about how long a user has been viewing promotional images, or how long they have been reading a promotional mail, and sends it to the company’s servers.

After all the information related to the ad is sent to the server of the company, it is tested. So that it is convenient to send ads to specific people more accurately.

However, it is also true that ETP does not monitor any personal information. They do not even monitor any mail other than the specified one. But control of the whole thing is in the hands of one user.

Any user can turn off ETP monitoring if they want. Each promotional mail has a picture attached to it. ETP surveillance can be avoid only if you stop downloading that image.

First of all, follow the procedure to stop downloading Gmail’s automatic images from Gmail. First you have to go to settings. Then from there click on All Settings option.

Then click on the General tab. From there you have to go to Find Image option. There will be a new option call Ask Before Displaying External Image. Then you have to scroll down and save changes.

The procedure to be follow in case of mobile version. First you have to go to settings option. From there you have to click on the image option. Then if you want to turn off the automatic image download option, you have to click on the Ask Before Displaying External Image option.

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Here’s how to turn off Microsoft Outlook’s promotional mail. First you need to open the desktop app. Then follow these steps- File-Options-Trust Center-Trust Center Settings-Automatic Download. Then you have to select Don’t Download Picture Automatically in RSS or Standard.

Those who use Apple can follow this procedure. Click Microsoft Outlook-Preferences-Reading-Security and Never to Restrict Image Downloads; As well as automatic image downloads should be stop.

Learn how to turn off promotional mail from Apple Mail. In this case, you have to open the mail first. From there, turn off the Preferences and Load Remote Content option. For iPhone, go to Settings-Mail-Load Remote Image option and turn off the option from there.

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