Strong bones are essential for physical strength and balance. When bones start to weaken, life becomes a nightmare. And the weakest of the bones is the spinal cord. Which begins to lose its strength at the age of 30.

You may also experience numbness in your hands, feet, or feet. So, definitely include these foods in your diet before 30.

♦ Vegetables

Beneficial for your overall health. But it is especially beneficial for the waistline. Some green vegetables do not increase waist problems. These include spinach, broccoli, etc., which prevent inflammation of the spine.

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♦ Plant proteins

Plant proteins are very useful for strengthening the spine. It is more beneficial than non-veg protein. So you should eat chia seeds, pulses and beans.

♦ Dairy products

Calcium is very important for spinal bones after 30. Dairy products are the best sources of calcium. Eating cheese, milk and yogurt provides enough calcium. But avoid consuming it in excess. It will strengthen your spine.

♦ Eat herbal food

After 30 years must include some herbs in diet. This will prevent bone inflammation. For this you can drink herbal tea and add turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, tulsi etc. to food.

♦ Dark colored fruit

Eat fresh fruit strength the bone of the spine. But choose only dark colored fruit. Berries are very beneficial for the spine. But like dairy products, excessive consumption of it can be harmful. So eat in limited quantities.

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