Palki Motor Electric Car

Palki Motors is going to bring such a car in the market of Bangladesh. Nowadays everyone is suffering from fuel problem. The whole world is looking for a different way But everyone wants to live a smart life within their means. And a tool for smart living is a car. If you want to save energy and not pollute the environment, you have to drive the car through electricity. This time a car is being made in Bangladesh, which is manufactured by Mustafa. In Bangladesh, Mustafa’s company Palki Motors is working on electric cars.

Mustafa said that the electric car has four doors and four wheels as usual. In addition, there is a 60 volt 100 H lead battery. So that a single charge will run for 150 kilometers. And the battery array will take about 6-8 hours to charge. Lead acid batteries are capable of serving more than 36,000 kilometers.

Palki motor’s electric car

It is possible to run this car with electricity as an alternative to petrol, octane, diesel to deal with the fuel oil crisis. The vehicle will delivered for the first time in January 2023, subject to approval. And after pre-order a buyer has to wait 50-60 days. That is about 2 months. And 10 percent of the total price must paid in advance.

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The history of electric cars is not new Electricity has been used for a long time in different countries of the world as an alternative to conventional energy Half of the world’s electric cars are sold in China. Mustafa will spend about 5 lakhs to buy this electric car. More than 700 applications have already submitted to own the first electric car in the history of Bangladesh.

The electric car market is still where the Internet was in the 1990s or after 2000. But there is immense potential in this sector.

Mustafa could have settled his life outside the country after finishing his studies. But he determined to do something instead of coming to the country. When the people of the country like the rest of the world are living in hardship due to the high price of fuel, this is his effort to give them comfort. Mustafa said, he is now waiting for the government grant. He can work on a larger scale if he gets help.

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