If you’ve heard of Elon Musk , you’ve probably heard of Tesla cars. In this post we will learn more about why this company is so popular in the world of electric car market. Let’s get started!

Excellent Design & Engineering

Although electric cars were previously considered unsuitable for personal use, Tesla has completely changed this idea. All the electric models that came on the market before the Tesla Model S were not very nice to look at and would take a lot of time to charge. With all these problems in mind, the Tesla Model S was created, which completely changed the electric vehicle industry.

Tesla cars have a very attractive design, these cars do not take much time to charge again. Tesla also takes driver safety very seriously. All in all, Tesla has been able to win the hearts of the buyers only by getting A Plus in all aspects of design, performance and charging.

A New Revolution

A driver attaches the utmost importance to “range” when switching to an electric car. For drivers accustomed to using gasoline-powered cars, charging Tesla’s electric cars may seem a bit of a hassle. However, Tesla has solved this problem through special battery packs and supercharger networks.

At present, Tesla’s battery pack is far ahead of all other batteries in the competition. Tesla’s models have a maximum range of 360 miles. In addition to batteries, Tesla has developed a supercharger network that Tesla owners can use to charge their electric cars.

The Car Of The Future

Tesla means the future of the car – this is something that all Tesla users, including CEO Elon Musk, sincerely believe. Putting all the other features aside, thinking about the autopilot feature of Tesla car, one can understand how far Tesla is ahead in the vehicle market. Regular updates for the car, the Model X Falcon Door sensor, charger location, etc. are just a few of the exciting things about Tesla.

According to Tesla fans and researchers, Tesla is no ordinary car manufacturer. According to Elon Musk, CEO of the company, Tesla can be said to be more suitable as a software company. Tesla builds a product, takes customer feedback and improves the car through software updates. So it would not be wrong to call Tesla “Car of the Future”.


Failure to acknowledge the role of the Internet in Tesla’s popularity would be a lie. Tesla can only be bought through the internet which makes Tesla a very different company from all other car companies. Although there are Tesla stores worldwide, they serve as information centers, not dealerships. You can find out about Tesla cars in these stores, but if you want to buy a car, you must order from Tesla’s website through the internet.

Again, Tesla has provided the opportunity to customize your own Tesla car, which is quite a favorite of Tesla fans. Again, due to lack of dealer inter mediation, savings are being made by both the buyer and the seller. There is no problem of paperwork like traditional dealership. Also you don’t see any pairings in Tesla stores to buy their cars, these stores work a lot like museums where you can learn about Tesla cars.

Fun Experience

No matter who you ask, everyone is convinced that Tesla cars are not boring. In 2016, the Model S was named the fastest production car, which could accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 2.5 seconds. In addition, the affordable Tesla Model 3 can run at the same speed in just 3.2 seconds. Being an electric car, Tesla doesn’t make a sound, which is a very comfortable thing for many people. 

Elon Musk

The role of Elon Musk in Tesla’s success will not be discussed. Mask is not like the CEOs of other companies. Work on the issue began after all the companies headed by Musk received his consent. Musk’s dream of this electric car was very well described in the Master Plan published by Mask in 2006. 

Elon Musk has the power to influence people to choose electric cars as a means of everyday use, out of the ordinary. In the case of Tesla, his brilliant marketing has come in handy. He no longer has to advertise Tesla, much of which will go to masks.

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Elon Musk is currently considered an expert on futuristic technology. Whether it is SpaceX or Tesla, almost all the decisions taken by Mask have proved to be quite futuristic. Elon Musk has been able to bring to the forefront the electric car, Tesla, much more efficiently than conventional fuel-dependent vehicles. In other words, Elon Musk has become an icon not only for his own benefit, but also for the good of the environment by inspiring others, which has helped to promote his company. 

When Elon Musk admits to a problem, he tries to find a solution, and if there is a lack of solution, he takes responsibility. His thinking is reflected in another company founded and led by Musk, such as SpaceX and its services Starlink . And from here the speculation has started with Tesla phone .

Brand Loyalty

For three years in a row, Tesla has won the title of “Most Satisfied Customers”. According to Consumer Reports, 98% of Tesla users leave positive comments about their cars. This testifies to the loyalty of Tesla users to the brand.

While this may not seem like a big deal, this factor plays a significant role in the market. According to the Experian Study, 82% of the buyers of an electric car again choose the electric car as their next car. This number is even higher for Tesla customers: 60.5% of Tesla users prefer Tesla as their next car. In other words, Tesla’s customers are quite comfortable with the service of Tesla car, which is very clear from the above information.

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