What to do if the eyes are raised

In summer and monsoon, the prevalence of eye swelling increases. This is called conjunctivitis or inflammation of the conjunctiva covering the eye. The problem is known as squinting. The disease is contagious. As a result, it quickly spreads to others.


Symptoms of conjunctivitis include redness of the lower part of the eye, eye pain, tearing or discomfort. First one eye is affect, then it spreads other eye.

In this disease, tears start falling from the eyes. The lower part of the eye becomes swollen and red. Eyes burn and itch. Light makes the eyes more uncomfortable.

Conjunctivitis is spread by contact with infected person. If patient’s personal items such as handkerchiefs, towels, pillows used by other, others also infected.

Also, the virus responsible for conjunctivitis is also airborne. Those who live around the affected person, also affected by this disease.

During the Corona period, you have to be more careful about raising your eyes. Because, due to corona infection, it appears that some people have inflammation in their eyes. Therefore, if the eyes open at this time, it noted whether there are other symptoms of corona or not. Corona test done with doctor’s advice if necessary.


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Need To done

● Wash hands with soap and water shortly.

● If the eye are wet due to any reason, wipe the eyes with tissue
paper. Tissue paper disposed of in the trash after use.
Otherwise the infection can spread from the tissue paper used.

● Use sun glass if the eye are raise. It will reduce touching the eyes
and protect the eyes from dust and smoke. Light will also reduce

● Drop used on doctor’s advice. Antibiotic generic name
(Moxifloxacin 0.5% Or Dexamethasone + Moxifloxacin)

● Self-used cosmetics and personal clothes can’t allowed to
used by others. Similarly, the patient should not use cosmetics
and personal belongings used by others.

● Do not rub the eyes and itch. No one else should use the eye
drop. This can lead to conjunctivitis again.
It is better to avoid public gatherings, discussions, classes etc.

Stay at home not troubled with problems that arise. All kinds of rules can go to school if they have to test. Must wear
black glasses.

Do not neglect any disease that dominates. Because mistake can lead to life regrets. Being seen is not problem. if they cornea is inflame, it’s develop if time is not taken accordingly. Sight can be permanently control. May be a condition like cornea attachment. At this time of the situation, you have to be more careful.
If necessary, consult a specialist doctor.

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