Reluctance to work? Work life is becoming very painful. If you let go, you will live. Many people do this as needed. In most cases, many problems come in their life. More depression returns to life without a job. Is there any way to focus on work from reluctance? Of course there is. Just keep these few points in mind.

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If depression works, find a way to relieve depression
  • First think about what causes such reluctance. Identify the cause and seek counseling.
  • If there is someone sick at home, you will not be able to work. So apply for leave and explain the matter to the office.
  • If you have stress, you can enroll in a stress management class.
  • If the workload is excessive, discuss with the superior officer. Explain the situation to him and confirm your areas of competence.
  • Take advantage of skills training programs if the workload and work do not match.
Reduce depression
  • Don’t get frustrated if you don’t get praise after doing good work, do your work normally and try to do well.
  • Try to finish all the work in the office. Do not bring the office home.
  • Find ways to relieve depression if depression works. Don’t look at work as a source of depression.
  • If you have a bad relationship with a colleague at the office, try to normalize it as much as possible.
  • Don’t pass it through laziness when you give yourself time on the weekend. You can read books, go for a walk. Plan each week separately. Bring some variety.
  • Don’t stick to the same routine every day. Make the most of whatever time you have out of the office.

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